Savage Rank [Lifetime]

Unlocks the Savage Rank on all Savage Games servers: SkyBounds: SkyBlock Islands & Survival Games (more soon!)

  • Access to secret DONOR ONLY forums that our Devs visit daily!
  • Colors Playername tag in RED

MoneyWars Perks

  • 3x Token Multiplier to gain currency faster
  • Weekly Rank Crate Tier 3 - free kit every 7 days!
  • Team Selection! When playing team games, you can select your team using /team instead of being auto-assigned!

SkyBounds Perks (More Perks Coming Soon!)

  • Unlock Premium Island
    - Start with an improved island that has more resources available
    - Increased island borders to 400x400
    - Increase online players on your island to 12
    - Ability to rename your island with /island rename
  • Player XP Boost (1.5x): All Player Level XP you earn is multiplied!
  • 3 Monthly Rank Crates: Access to the ULTRA, LEGEND, and SAVAGE monthly rank crates, which contain free unique items!
  • Reserved Slots: Gain access even when the server is near-full!
  • Access to Island Warps: Use /is setwarp and /is warp to get around your island quickly!
  • Higher AFK Timer: Sit at your grinders longer! You can AFK for 45 minutes before being kicked.
  • Remove Global Chat Cooldown: When talking in global server chat you will have no delay between messages.
  • Link Items in Chat: When talking in any chat you can use [item] to link the item held in your hand.
  • /ciClears your inventory, making it easy to get rid of junk!
  • /day: Sets your personal time to day (Usable on islands only!)
  • /night: Sets your personal time to night (Usable on islands only!)
  • /rt: Resyncs your time with the server
  • /condense: Automatically converts Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Emerald into their block forms
  • /feed: Fully refills your hunger (Usable on islands only!)
  • /wb: Opens a crafting table anywhere (Usable on islands only!)
  • /vault: Open your bank vault in any PVP-free area (Requires reaching Player Level 15, and completing the vault challenges, first!)
  • Longer Auctions: You can create auctions for up to 1 hour! (/ah sell)
  • More Auctions: You can list up to 3 items at once in the auction house! (/ah sell)
  • Island Privacy! Access to /island privacy public to share your work with the world!
  • Parkour Pads! Use Parkour Pads to make your own parkour courses, complete with high scores, timers, and checkpoints! The crafting recipes for Parkour Pads can be found on our forums.

More perks to come!