Savage Rank [Lifetime]

Unlocks the Savage Rank on all Savage Games servers: SkyBounds: SkyBlock Islands & Money Wars (more soon!)

  • Access to secret DONOR ONLY forums that our Devs visit daily!
  • Colors Playername tag in RED


MoneyWars Perks

  • 3x Token Multiplier to gain currency faster
  • Weekly Rank Crate Tier 3 - free kit every 7 days!
  • Team Selection! When playing team games, you can select your team using /team instead of being auto-assigned!


SkyBounds Perks (More Perks Coming Soon!)

  • Unlock Premium Island
    - Start with an improved island that has more resources available
    - Increased island borders to 400x400
    - Increase online players on your island to 12
    - Ability to rename your island with /island rename
  • Player XP Boost (1.5x): All Player Level XP you earn is multiplied!
  • 3 Monthly Rank Crates: Access to the ULTRA, LEGEND, and SAVAGE monthly rank crates, which contain free unique items!
  • Reserved Slots: Gain access even when the server is near-full!
  • Access to Island Warps: Use /is setwarp and /is warp to get around your island quickly!
  • Higher AFK Timer: Sit at your grinders longer! You can AFK for 45 minutes before being kicked.
  • Remove Global Chat Cooldown: When talking in global server chat you will have no delay between messages.
  • Link Items in Chat: When talking in any chat you can use [item] to link the item held in your hand.
  • /ciClears your inventory, making it easy to get rid of junk!
  • /day: Sets your personal time to day (Usable on islands only!)
  • /night: Sets your personal time to night (Usable on islands only!)
  • /rt: Resyncs your time with the server
  • /condense: Automatically converts Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Emerald into their block forms
  • /feed: Fully refills your hunger (Usable on islands only!)
  • /wb: Opens a crafting table anywhere (Usable on islands only!)
  • /splitXP: Splits XP bottles into multiple bottles
  • /sell: Allows selling items from any PVP-free location on the server
  • /vault: Open your bank vault in any PVP-free area (Requires reaching Player Level 15, and completing the vault challenges, first!)
  • Longer Auctions: You can create auctions for up to 1 hour! (/ah sell)
  • More Auctions: You can list up to 3 items at once in the auction house! (/ah sell)
  • Island Privacy! Access to /island privacy public to share your work with the world!
  • Parkour Pads! Use Parkour Pads to make your own parkour courses, complete with high scores, timers, and checkpoints! The crafting recipes for Parkour Pads can be found on our forums.
  • Increased Daily XP LimitYou can earn up to 3,000 Daily Bonus XP.
  • Increased Mining World Limit: You can enter the Mining World 10 times per day for free.

More perks to come!